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Sarah Harrison is a British journalist who has worked at the Centre for Investigative Journalism, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism and WikiLeaks. Sarah joined WikiLeaks in 2010, before the publication of the Afghan War Diary. Since then, she became WikiLeaks Investigations Editor, working on many WikiLeaks’ publications, including the U.S. diplomatic cables, The Spyfiles, The Saudi Cables, NSA World Spying and the Podesta Emails amongst many others. Harrison worked on the WikiLeaks team that got NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden to safety.

Harrison accompanied Edward Snowden from Hong Kong to Moscow and during his 39-day stay inside Sheremetyevo airport. She remained with Snowden in order to protect his safety and security for another three months in Russia before flying to Berlin, as her lawyers advised her not to return to the U.K., due to the U.K.’s extremely broad anti-terror laws.

In 2015 Germany’s major centre-left political party, the SPD, awarded Harrison with the International Willy Brandt Prize for ‘special political courage’, stating that she “exemplifies the pursuit of transparency and its use against escalating surveillance. Sarah Harrison has with her commitment to WikiLeaks and especially in the company of Edward Snowden showed great political courage.”